Advanced Laser Services

The Candela Gentlemax Pro. A quick, safe and non-invasive way to remove minor skin imperfections such as: vascular blemishes like broken capillaries, actinic keratosis, acne and milia.  This FDA approved laser also works on pigmented lesions such as sun damage and age spots, Hair removal, Fungal Infections of the Nail and Nail Bed, Skin Tightening for Face, Neck, and Abdomen.

You want to look and feel your best, and you want the confidence of knowing that you are getting the highest quality care treatment.  Candela is the world leader in producing fast, safe and effective lasers and light based products.  Patient safely, comfort and efficacy are our primary concerns.  Let Candela assist in your journey to a healthier and more beautiful you.

*Cancellation policy in effect for all laser services (treatments, laser hair removal, boutique laser facials). For more information please Contact Us.



Hyperpigmentation Correction

Skin Tightening

Combat  Psoriasis

Boutique Laser Facials

Nail Fungus Removal

Effective Hair Removal

Leg & Facial Vein Removal

Fresh Scar & Stretch Mark Removal

Photo Facials, E facials, Oxygen Facials, Rosacea & Acne Facials

Reduce the Symptoms of Rosacea


Da Vinci Centre

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Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, B.W.I.

PO Box 31000, KY1-1205

(345) 943-2002

(Located on Seven Mile Beach just two blocks south of the Ritz Carlton Hotel)

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